Tubelight: Kabir Khan Speaks In Support Of Salman Khan’s Anti-War Comment!


The Bajrangi Bhaijaan director says that Salman just said war is a waste of resources, human life and time for any country.

Kabir Khan is very well known for his divergent stories which have developed in blockbuster movies over many years. He has always contributed to Bollywood by making movies of socio-political backgrounds. His movies have always been of significant nature and had given out social messages to the audiences. So, when it was time to speak something about the comments of Salman Khan on war, how could he be left behind?

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The director has backed Salman Khan and said to a leading news agency, ”I see no problem with the statement (of Salman). He just said war is a waste of resources, human life and time for any country. Nobody wants to go to war. What is wrong with that statement? Anybody who says going to war is great, I think, is acting stupid.”

Kabir further included, ”I think getting trolled for anything you say is becoming a bit too much. You don’t need to agree with everything that everybody said but screaming, shouting and getting abusive is ridiculous. Try and understand the point that is being made and in its context.”

While the filmmaker-director cleared all the air regarding his views on Salman Kahn’s anti-war comment, he talks about movies being socio- political. He says, ”There is no social or political context. I have realised it’s not just about (putting) politics as a backdrop in the film but about the way you present politics in your films. And today’s youth likes a blend of reality and mainstream than larger-than-life storytelling.”

Currently, the actor is busy with the promotions of his upcoming movie Tubelight starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. The movie is slated to release on June 23rd.

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