Tumbbad’s Demon ‘Hastar’ Is The USP Of The Film!


Ever since Tumbbad has released it has not only won rave reviews from critics but also has garnered mass appreciation from the audience.

Actor Sohum Shah has been hailed for delivering another power-packed performance in the film Tumbbad.

But the highlight of the film is ‘Hastar’ its demon a fallen god who is completely Computer generated.

Speaking about the same filmmaker Anand L Rai said, “The scenes featuring Hastar are dazzling. You will be so invested in what is going on in a scene, that you will forget completely that Hastar is actually an entirely computer-generated demon. That’s the power of Tumbbad, it hits you in your gut and you come out of the theater spellbound”.

Actor Sohum Shah who has invested time and money on the VFX and production of the film, roped in some of the best technicians in the world.

Some have even pointed out the catchphrase,” Soja Varna Hastar Aa Jayega” from the film to one of the most beloved villains of Bollywood ‘Gabbar’ from Sholay.

Actor Sohum Shah shared, “It is indeed our humble homage to Sholay, as our film too, is essentially about good versus evil. For me, Hastar is also an extension of all the mythological stories of demons that I have heard while growing up.”

Tumbbad has created an altogether different genre of Cinema by encapsulating ingredients of fantasy and horror.

The film offers a delightful experience and takes us on roller coaster ride of adventure and horror.

The film has already received tremendous word of mouth publicity from the audience and also Sohum Shah has yet again given a power packed performance with Tumbbad.

Tumbbad offers spectacular visuals which takes the audience on a trip to the interiors of ancient, cultural Maharashtra giving glimpses into the quintessential attires and lifestyle of Konkanasth Brahmans.

Giving glimpses of fantasy, action, frights, and scares, Tumbbad is a horrific and thrilling experience that questions the roots of human greed while providing entertainment of the purest kind.

Tumbbad is an Eros International and Aanand L Rai’s presentation and a Sohum Shah Films in association with Colour a Yellow Productions. Co-produced by Filmi Väst and Filmgate Films. Tumbbad is successfully enjoying a theatrical run at the box office.

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