Tumhari Sulu Leaked- Here Is How Vidya Balan Reacted!


Tumhari Sulu has been leaked and this is how Vidya Balan has reacted.

Riding high on success ‘Tumhari Sulu’ has managed not only to win hearts but also critical acclaims. Vidya Balan’s performance of a multi-talented homemaker has been appraised by many. Sadly, if reports are to be believed, Suresh Triveni directed ‘Tumhari Sulu’ has been leaked online.

Speaking about the leak with Mid-Day, director Suresh Triveni accused the viewers of not consuming good cinema whilst it is available in the cinemas. “People commit a big crime by watching a [pirated] film. It is an injustice towards the entire film industry. [If they do so] they should not have any expectations from us. It’s irresponsible to be party to piracy.”
Reportedly, the movie was leaked just four days after Tumhari Sulu’s release on November 17.  Vidya Balan told to Mid-Day that she has always implored people to not indulge in piracy, but it is sad that it still happens.

Further Vidya added, “Today, films are officially available on various platforms in around two months from their release date. But, it is fun to watch them in theatres. As an artiste, I feel hurt. We put in a lot of hard work [into making a film]. The least that people can do is not support [those who indulge in piracy]. This way, we can stop this illegal practice. It makes me angry,”

While certain portals have a low-resolution copy of ‘Tumhari Sulu’, some are selling the high-resolution copy of the film. Makers fear that this leak can affect the collection of the film as it has just been a week since movie’s release.

Whether Team Tumhari Sulu decides to take action by filing a legal complaint or not, will be T-Series’ producers’ call says co-producer Atul Kasbekar of Ellipsis Entertainment. “Each time we get a notice, we inform T-Series. Their team immediately swings into action. Piracy is a menace. It is irresponsible, illegal and immoral to do it.”