Grey’s Anatomy: Callie And Arizona Get Into A Custody Battle!

Greys Anatomy[tps_footer]Since the beginning of the season,things have never been good between Callie and Arizona. The couple, who separated a while ago, have been trying to adjust for the sake of their daughter Sophia. But, things got way worse between them on Thursday night’s episode.

Little backstory. Callie is dating Penny and she had a dream moving to New York. When the opportunity arrived, Callie jumped on it and started finding potential schools in New York for Sophia and move away with her. We knew that things would get ugly when Arizona would get to know about it.

After getting into a huge argument, both of them head to work. Penny told Callie that she couldn’t speak in between the exes as that wasn’t her place. Arizona started to consult a lawyer for Sophia’s custody when Richard intervened and said that she was overreacting. Callie finally came to her senses and agreed that she was ahead of herself. But, it was turned upside down when Arizona received a phone call

But, it was turned upside down when Arizona received a phone call. It turns out that Callie had already submitted the admission application for Sophia at Barton Academy and broke the promise she made to Arizona. That’s when Arizona filed for custody of Sophia. Well, the war is on!

In other storylines, Jo finally realized that she did not need gun anymore to feel safe from Alex. A young kid was shot and that case was incredibly sad. That kind of gave a moment when Maggie freaked out over Meredith-Derek’s kids and proved how she loved them.

Well, the legal battle between Callie and Arizona is going to get ugly.[/tps_footer]

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