Twinkle Khanna’s Witty, Bang On Reaction To Ram Rahim Singh’s Rape Case Verdict Panchkula Riots

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Witty author Twinkle Khanna is known to voice her opinions on serious issues but with a funny twist

After the conviction of self-proclaimed godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh on Friday, the amount of violence and riots in North India have risen alarmingly. His followers known as ‘Premis’ have been causing havoc in the northern states after his trial. Ram Rahim is the leader of the ‘Dera Sacha Sauda’ sect which has lakhs of followers across the country.

The continuous riots have already taken lives of many people in the past two days. Innocent victims and loss of property are proof enough of the rising violence in the cities of Panchkula and Sirsa. The riots have grown after Ram Rahim was found guilty of the rape cases from 2002 and will be given a sentence today.

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Twinkle Khanna, wife of actor Akshay Kumar has once again spoken up on the issue and in her own way.

The actress and author stated in her Times of India column, that the riots acts were stupid and compared them to monkey brains. She wrote “But ultimately that is their business both literally and figuratively speaking, and I am fine with it. What really bothers me is how we cut open our skulls and hand them our minds on a plate like the legendary delicacy, monkey brains.

Twinkle Khanna added the other incident that highlighted Ram Rahim Singh’s career. She spoke on the Kiku Sharda controversy where the leader’s followers slapped a case on him for mocking Ram Rahim whom they consider as a devout godman and even God.

She wrote, “Anyway, all this monkey business reminds me of a certain cheeky monkey and old colleague, Kiku Sharda who was jailed for mimicking the Love Charger. I think he should immediately go to the nearest Chinese restaurant to celebrate, order a beer and tell the waiter, ‘I don’t want any monosodium glutamate in my Schezwan chicken, you people should lock away your MSG too. Cheers,

Twinkle Khanna shared her story on twitter with the caption, “When the Love Charger ran out of battery and why Kiku Sharda should start eating Chinese again”

On the day of the trial, Twinkle had tweeted about Ram Rahim saying, “Our fault Babas exist as we turn towards them like silly sunflowers looking for the sun,forgetting that a halo is just a trick of the light!”

Twinkle Khanna is the author of two hilariously witty books ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’& ‘ Mrs. Funnybones’. We hope Twinkle Khanna doesn’t get into trouble for her funny take on such a serious matter.

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