Twitterati Slam KRK Over His Ridiculous Remark On Superstar Rajinikanth!


Kamaal R Khan aka KRK as we all know is known for his unwanted comments and defamatory remarks against Bollywood actors. KRK, who is infamous for his ridiculous comments, has taken pot shot this time again on South superstar Rajinikanth. The controversial king has addressed Rajinikanth as worst looking.

While tweeting about the good scripts, good looking stars, and films, KRK ended up dragging superstar Rajinikanth in his tweets and made a crass comment. He tweeted, “If good looks+good Body are qualifications to become a star then a tiny n worst looking Rajnikant should not be biggest super star today.”


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Well, nobody can stand KRK as well his ridiculous tweets. The controversial man was slammed by the Twitterati for insulting Rajinikanth sir.


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