Twitterati’s Target Anushka Sharma Once Again, But This Time On Virat Kohli’s Win

Anushka-Sharma-05512[tps_footer]Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli won many hearts after his stunning performance during India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match, which took place on March 19. The handsome hunk was praised on the social media after India royally won the match against Pakistan. Virat emerged as a savior for team India and fans immediately shared their happiness over the same on social networking sites.


Moreover, his gestures and respectful bow to Sachin Tendulkar in the stands was a touching moment for his fans. But well, you win or lose; some or other has to be criticized for it. Yes, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma once again became a butt of jokes on social media. Twitterati’s took to their twitter handle to comment on Anushka and Virat’s break up.


From asking Anushka Sharma to patch up with Virat to thanking her for staying away from Virat, Twitterati’s expressed their every view on twitter. Earlier, Anushka Sharma was blamed and criticized for Virat’s poor performance during World Cup 2015, but despite giving a stunning performance during the supreme Indo-Pak clash recently, fans dragged Anushka once again. This is quite shocking to know that the actress has been targeted and dragged again and again, only because she was Virat‘s girlfriend?

What are these fans up to?

Here are the Twitter reactions!

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