Underrated Yet Irreplaceable Actors Of Bollywood

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pankaj new  [tps_footer]For a good film to make the cut, the casting has to be just right after you nail the story down perfectly. A wrong actor and all your hard work on the script go waste. But at times, it is the supporting cast that sails a movie through who unfortunately get overshadowed by a Kapoor, or a Khan or a Kumar. Today, we will take a look at a few character actors without whom some of the Bollywood films would have been incomplete.

Annu Kapoor

Can you expect Vicky Donor to become a hit without a nuthead doctor explaining every phenomena on earth through sperms? Annu Kapoor’s perfect diction and impeccable performance in the film gave the film the punch it needed. But the actor returned to films after a long gap. It may be the dearth of good roles behind his no show on screen, but we are glad he made a comeback.

Pawan Malhotra

All we could talk about Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was Farhan Akhtar’s transformation and transition to Milkha Singh. But try what you may brilliance can never be hidden. Pawan Malhotra as his coach stood out. He isn’t new to cinema but hardly got his due. But whenever he came on screen, he set it on fire with his perfect histrionics. His madcap portrayal as Geet’s hot-tempered uncle in Jab We Met was bang on to say the least.

Piyush Mishra

Even after doing bit roles in many movies, it took Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs Of Wasseypur to make aware of this powerhouse of talent called Piyush Mishra. With his intense looks and creases on the skin that depicts years of experience, Mishra is an actor who can add life to any dim-witted story. His conviction to the art is simply beyond words, And guess what? He is a good singer too!

Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy got a good headstart with Jaan Tere Naam but then he fizzled away. Television gave him a new lease of life and he became a household name. And that perhaps made Ronit wise enough to choose film roles that do justice to his caliber. A strict Hitler-esque father in Udaan was the right way to begin his career in films yet again. But an industry hyperventilating on superstars, misuses his talent gravely in films like 2 States and Student Of The Year.

Pankaj Tripathi

Hardly anyone knew about this talented actor before Gangs Of Wasseypur happened. Today, Pankaj Tripathy is a known face for the host of characters that he played. In his first interview during GOW, he got emotional and said that it took so many years to get recognized. Shouldn’t we be ashamed of not giving credence to where it is due?[/tps_footer]