Tannishtha Chatterjee Responds To Colors TV Apology


Tannishtha Chatterjee made headlines for all the right reasons recently. The actress visited Comedy Nights Bachao and had a terrible experience. The starlet was miffed with the show when the hosts started targeting her skin color.  Tannishtha was very much prepared for the roast but little did she know that all the comments would be directed towards her skin color.

The talented actress left the show and also voiced her opinion against it.  Tannishtha expressed that she felt humiliated when humor took a new meaning altogether. Colors TV then posted an apology to the actress on the micro-blogging site twitter.


Krushna Abhishek who hosts the show further defended the roast hinting at the fact that Tannishtha should have been prepared for the same because the format of the show is such.

After all the issues Tannishtha has finally replied to the apology saying, “@ColorsTV thank you for reaching out. But it’s not abt me . N this is not personal . It is abt a prejudice . I wish they had made fun of me.”


The actress further expressed that comments regarding skin color are a bigger problem. The talent bundle stated, “Thanks for your letter but you don’t need to apologise to me. This is not about offending me but about propagating a deeply prejudiced mindset. I wish the show had actually `roasted’ me. I think this incident makes way for a much bigger debate -about what popular culture propagates and the responsibilities that people who are at the forefront of that culture need to shoulder. I am glad that your channel has shows that address social prejudices. I expect the same from your comedies. I expect that the people who create the content and the comedians who work with that content go back to the basics of what satire or `vyang’ actually means, raise the bar, and make it funny while keeping social prejudices out of it.”

She added “Understand the nuances of humour ­ the literary aspects as well as the period in history when they came into being. Try and find humour on those lines. We all want comedies and we all want to be offended but hurting someone’s sentiments is different from reinforcing social injustices. I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say. I hope, in the future, it’s not about me but the fact that none of these ideas or line of thoughts should get room to thrive.This is not personal.Thank you.”

Credits- Mumbai Mirror