Varun Dhawan Apologises For Abusive Comment To A CREEP Twitter Troll While Defending Sonakshi Sinha


Varun-Dhawan-[tps_footer]Bollywood stars are very much active on social media, but a wrong word can put them into a trouble anytime. Recently, actress Sonakshi Sinha got trolled on twitter while she was interacting with fans in #SonaSays session.

It all started when a user on twitter asked Sonakshi Sinha to ‘show her curvy body’ and this question surely didn’t go well with the actress. Soon the Dabangg actress replied to the user saying, “@parteek91 ask your mum or sister the same question you creep. Let me know what they say!”

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In support of the guy’s creepy question, a girl on the twitter replied to Sonakshi saying, “@sonakshisinha Bollywood actresses who sell their skin for money need not lecture us about what is shameless!”

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This evoke a debate with their controversial and bold statements between Sonakshi Sinha and the girl who gave an unpleasant reply to the actress. Sonakshi Sinha was quick to reply and wrote “@aditi_ca US?? So ur sayin ur in his category ???? What a dhabba on womankind u urself are for sharing his disgusting line of thought.”

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Well, between this, actor Varun Dhawan who couldn’t stop himself, jumped into the conversation in support of Sonakshi and it turned uglier. Asking his fans to start trolling the woman, Varun wrote, “Everyone This girl needs to be trolled. please educate her.”


He added, “Aditi you need to shut up coz you misjudged your brain for you’re a**. I guess that’s where you think from.”

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Well, actor Varun Dhawan then realized that he has made a mistake by using such word for a girl and so he soon deleted the comment. He apologized saying, “Don’t mean to offend anyone but when people take a pot shot at my profession I react. Peace if you guys think ul are right then u are.”Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 3.13.33 PM

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Well, a lot of Bollywood stars have said something controversial every now and then, that had later sparked a debate and gossip all over![/tps_footer]