Vicky Goswami Has Some SHOCKING Revelations About Wife Mamta Kulkarni!

Mamta-&-Vicky-2[tps_footer]After a long time 90’s Bollywood Actress Mamta Kulkarni is getting limelight, but for wrong reasons along with her alleged husband Vicky Goswami. It’s reported that Thane Police has pressed charges against Vicky Goswami and Vicky is denying all the allegations against him calling this all as a conspiracy. Thane Police has been trying to convict Vicky who is accused of 2000 crore drugs deal and his connections with the underworld, his meetings with Kishor Rathode and Manoj Jain. Even his relationship status with actress Mamta Kulkarni is under doubts, because Vicky is called Mamta as his well-wisher, a close friend, and not his wife.

It’s tough to arrive at a conclusion in this case which is full of twist and turns. But Vicky, is sure about the fact that Thane Police is getting pressure from DEA which is an American Agency and if they have proofs against him then they should show it to him instead of trying to frame him. There are no reactions reported from Mamta Kulkarni‘s side yet. But, during a telephonic interview, Vicky had accepted his relationship with Mamta and he takes a U-turn at his statement and he has denied working with Kishor and Manoj.

Other than crores of drugs deal, Vicky is also facing charges against Raw Gold deal where Manoj was supposed to finalize a deal with him. But, Vicky has rubbished all the allegations and he said he was in the Dubai prison for 15 years. Now, we wonder what more shocking revelations will come out of this another legal battle.[/tps_footer]

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