Video: Ranveer Singh Did NOT Kiss Deepika Padukone At Awards, Then Who Was She?


Lovebirds Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone recently attended Esquire Awards 2016 in Dubai. Deepika won the International Woman of the Year Award while Ranveer was honored with the International Man of the Year Award. The awards night was special for both Ranveer and Deepika and the two were seen happy like always.

Also, there are sorts of reports doing rounds that as Ranveer Singh walked to accept his award, he gave Deepika a peck on the cheek. But hold on, the lady Ranveer kissed is NOT Deepika Padukone but surely someone special. Yes, Ranveer did not kiss Deepika instead he kissed someone else before heading to receive the award. One can see in the video, the lady is wearing a black sleeveless outfit, while Deepika is wearing Monisha Jaisingh black and white tuxedo. This makes pretty clear that the lady Ranveer Singh kissed was not his ladylove Deepika.

Also, Ranveer Singh gave a speech on receiving the award. He said, “I assure you that I am merely a work in progress as a man. I promise you that the best of this man is yet to come. But for the moment if you truly want to see a man at his best, meet me five shots down at the dance floor at the after-party. Ladies and gentlemen it is officially party time. I will see you on the dance floor.”

Watch the video here:


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