Vidya Balan Has A Different Take On Nepotism!

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While Bollywood celebrities are talking about the Nepotism controversy, actress Vidya Balan shares her thoughts on the issue.

Recently at an event, the ‘Begum Jaan’ star Vidya Balan cleared out what she thought about the nepotism controversy.

Although the original trouble began when actress Kangana Ranaut had tagged Karan Johar as the promoter of nepotism through his chat show. She called him out in her episode on the show ‘Koffee with Karan’ earlier back in February this year.

The comment went viral and Karan Johar was miffed. Kangana had cleared out her words and apologised saying she meant no offence but rather prevention for upcoming stars in the industry.

The matter had died down only to revive again at the IIFA this year at New York. The actress was not present for the event but attendees and Twitteratis forced the hosts to apologise for making a joke on the issue.

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The matter came back into the media at this year’s IIFA. Celebrity hosts Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan and Saif Ali Khan had passed jokes stating ‘Nepotism Rocks’ which became a big controversy. The act was seen as unprofessional and Twitteratis bashed the celebrities for attacking actress Kangana Ranaut.

The trio had apologised in their own ways. Producer Karan Johar issued a public apology; actor Varun Dhawan took to his social media to say sorry for his participation in the joke. Actor Saif Ali Khan had written an open letter to which finally Kangana Ranaut replied with her own open letter explaining everything about the issue publicly.

Many celebrities have commented about the ‘Nepotism’ controversy with their own thoughts. Anushka Sharma, Imtiaz Ali, Ranbir Kapoor and other celebrities have spoken on the presence of favouritism of star families in the industry.

Vidya Balan had a different take on the issue. She explained how the story was now a month old and she doesn’t particularly care for this issue.

”With due respect to everyone who has been involved in this controversy, I am bored of this. Who’s on whose side, who is saying what. Even if I read that word (nepotism), I turn the page. All of that happened a few months ago, now something new happened. I am not interested, sorry,”

The actress also admitted that she flips the newspaper pages whenever she sees the word nepotism now. We wonder if her comment will finally end this controversy or starts another one altogether.

Vidya Balan was last seen in ‘Begum Jaan’ in April this year.

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