When Vidya Balan Gave Samrat & Co. A Cold Shoulder


vidya balan main2[tps_footer]When Samrat & Co. was about to release, producer Kavita Barjatya and director Kaushik Ghatak spoke about their excitement to come out with a detective story first, beating many on the list.

Till then, everyone knew that apart from this film, there was Bobby JasoosJagaa Jasoos and Byomkesh Bakshi in the offing. They were happy that they were the first to re-start the detective trend. Funnily, Vidya Balan too recently claimed that she is happy about Bobby Jasoos being the first of the many.

Now what we don’t get here, is who is trying to ignore whom. To be fair with Samrat & Co., it definitely was the first from the snooping lot to release. Rajeev Khandelwa’s detective act was modeled on Sherlock Holmes, but unfortunately, it couldn’t please the audience.

Many called the story hasty and riddled with loopholes. There was nothing novel in the script that one should look out for.

But Vidya Balan’s claims seem pretty false. Is she trying to ignore the fact that Samrat & Co. released before Bobby Jasoos? Or is it the dull Box Office turnout that made her audaciously forget about this detective misfire?

If collections are the reason behind Vidya Balan’s amnesia or lack of general knowledge, then let us tell you, Bobby Jasoos isn’t doing any great either. The more of Bobby and less of Jasoos screenplay seemed to have backfired.

So if such a trend continues, will Ranbir Kapoor too claim his Jagaa Jasoos as the first from the many in the offing? Only time will tell.[/tps_footer]