Virat Kohli Becomes Target Of Memes After Slamming Anushka Sharma Haters!

virat meme[tps_footer]Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli gave a brilliant performance during the quarterfinals match of ICC World T20 against Australia. The cricketer took the field by storm when everyone thought that the runs could not be chased. His impeccable timing during the crucial match and MS Dhoni‘s four at the end, confirmed India’s entry in the semi-finals.


In the midst of celebrating the success of India and Virat‘s performance, once again, Virat’s ex-girlfriend Anushka Sharma was trolled on social media. It doesn’t matter to the cricket watchers anymore whether team India wins the match or loses it. Every other person will take a dig at Anushka, no matter what, trying to make a point that her presence makes his performance weak and her absence makes him shine on the field. Starting from being Indian facebook page, who made a rather misogynistic meme on her saying “Thank you Anushka. You gave us back our Virat Kohli.” Things escalated quickly and after the match, most of the posts and status targeted Anushka in some way or the other.

Seeing this, Virat Kohli finally stood up for Anushka with an Instagram post slamming all the haters who have been sending her hate, every time he goes on the field. He shamed everyone who thought Anushka should be blamed for every action he takes on the field. Right after this post, Virat started receiving positive feedback until he became the target of memes. The picture he had used to rant about haters went viral.

This was Virat’s message for Anushka’s haters.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.08.38 pm


Now, Twitteratis are using the picture with ‘SHAME’ written on it for their own purposes. All kinds of silly captions are used on and it looks like instead of stopping the trolls, Virat has himself become a target of it.