Why Is Vivek Oberoi Playing Riteish Deshmukh’s Sidekick In Bank Chor?


ritesh vivek [tps_footer]It’s funny, how life can change is a famous line from a popular song by the band Blue and it seems perfect for Vivek Oberoi. When he dawned on the cinema horizons, he was touted as a promising new actor. He didn’t only have the looks but also the acting chops to have a bright future.

But after a botched up affair and a hasty and devastating press conference, Vivek Oberoi was pushed to oblivion. He made a comeback a few years back but is yet to find his touch. Such is his condition now that he has been reduced to being the side kick of Riteish Deshmukh.

Yes, you are right we are talking about his selection to play Riteish’s sidekick in YRF’s Bank Chor. He will be one of the four gang members who loot a bank. But we wonder why did he accept a role that is second to Riteish’s lead one.

It is really heartening to see Riteish Deshmukh’s rise from a sidekick to main lead thanks to Ek Villain and Lai Bhari. But it is equally disheartening to see an equally promising actor like Vivek Oberoi being reduced to a sidekick.

We hope the role is good enough and it isn’t just the banner that forced him to say yes to the film. After all, we have faith in his talent. He just needs to make the right choices yet again.[/tps_footer]