Watch: Bigg Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar Finally Opens Up On Dating Nitibha Kaul


Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar has been linked-up to Nitibha Kaul since they were inside the house. Well, Manveer Gurjar and Nitibha Kaul’s strong growing friendship is quite evident. The two are often seen partying and spending much of the time together. Recently, Manveer was also seen in a cozy moment with Nitibha Kaul at Bigg Boss 10 success party.

Manveer and Nitibha surely make an adorable pair and are immensely loved by their fans. In fact, fans have also given them a name, “NitVeer” (combination of their name). Manveer and Nitibha are often questioned if the two are dating each other.

Finally, Manveer has reacted to the same and has answered to a question of a fan during a live interaction. Manveer has spoken his heart out on dating Nitibha Kaul.

He said, “Love is expressed in many different ways. I express love for Manu, Akansha Sharma and to all my commoners as well as celebrity friends. I was fighting a commoner’s fight inside Bigg Boss 10 house.”

Talking about Nitibha, he said, “She is very good. She is happy in her life and I am happy in my life. Whenever I get a chance, I go and meet her. When we are in Delhi together, we party. We are busy with our works and I don’t mind people linking up my name to anyone.”

Watch the full video below:

On the other hand, in an interview with an entertainment portal, Nitibha Kaul’s close friend and Bigg Boss contestant Akansha Sharma was asked about the same. When asked about Nitibha crazy about Manveer Gurjar, Akansha said, “I don’t wish to comment on that. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what my current equation with Manveer is. He was never an important part of my life. I am very happy in my own space.”

To people, who don’t know, Manveer and Akansha Sharma are not in good terms after Bigg Boss 10 success party. Something at the party has irked Akansha that has made her hate Manveer. During the same interview, Akansha had also said that Manveer doesn’t know to talk and respect women and this s what she realized at the success bash of the reality show.