Watch: Kangana Ranaut Breaks Down While Talking About Physical Abuse!


One cannot help but admire the way Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has faced and overcome from being bullied, physical violence and much more at the age of 17. Kangana Ranaut has come to be the embodiment of feminism as she talks about dealing with the scary situations and much more at Mind Rocks 2016.

With her outspoken, intelligent and strong comments, Kangana left everyone cheer for her at the event. From bullying to feminism to gender equality, Kangana spoke about everything like never before. The National Award Winning actress emotionally broke down while sharing the incident she faced at the age of 17. Being strong, the actress did not make anyone feel that she broke down and continued talking on the same.

Kangana Ranaut revealed that she filled FIR at the age of 17 and is dealing with media pressure since date. The actress gave examples of her own life to the audience out there to understand and how to face bullies.

The Queen actress said, “when I was 17, I was faced with extreme physical violence to the point where I literally saw my death looking at me in my eyes. The person who was subjecting to me with that kind of bully is a very influenced person. Like I said, in teenage when I was supportless, shelterless, it was a huge deal for me. I had an option, either to put with that and lead a comfortable life where nobody would know what is happening to me or being a minor got to cops, make it a public issue, lodge a FIR and then see what happens. That also meant letting my parents know everything I was going through. Letting the world know about the humiliation and the physical pain I was being subjected to. Basically, being subjected to all kinds of judgements and scrutinies, I went to the cops at the station and I lodged a FIR.”


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