Watch: Kangana Ranaut’s Bang On Reply At People Ridiculing Her Accent!


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut usually doesn’t mince her words when it comes to speaking up openly in public. The outspoken lady, who is known for her bold statements, was seen at her wittiest best at the recently held Mind Rocks youth summit. The Queen actress spoke her mind out and has made everyone sit and think about it all. Every statement of her received hooting and applauds from the young kids sitting in the audience at the event.

The actress was asked how she reacts to the people who make fun of her accent calling it as ‘Fake’. The National Award winning actress had a bang on reply to this.


She said, Haan hai mera accent, toh kya hogaya? Yaha pe inko mera accent fake lagta hai, yeh log jab khud bahar jaate hain toh unko inka accent fake lagta hai (Yes I have an accent so? They feel I have a fake accent and when they themselves go west, people then find their accents fake.)”

When asked if she ever confronted people who think such about her. Kangana once again came with a quick reply. She said, “My life is just about me, not about those who are standing behind me.”

A small town village lass to a Bollywood diva, Kangana Ranaut also spoke on how she dealt with the bullies and overcame with everything that she faced initially when she stepped into Bollywood.

She is nothing but just amazing!

Watch the video here to know everything Kangana Ranaut said at the event: