Watch: Pakistani Reporter’s Mindless Question Leaves Virat Kohli Shocked!


A Pakistani reporter left the Indian skipper bemused when his question went all wrong.

The India vs Pakistan match at the ICC Champions Trophy left everyone surprised with Pakistan winning the match by 180 runs to India. It was heartbreaking for Indians that the team lost but everyone took it in good spirits. Though Virat Kohli is known for his hot temper, he too took the loss gracefully and even congratulated the rival team for their win.

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The captain of the Indian cricket team attended a press conference after the match at The Oval, London where the match was held. While the 28-year-old skipper was in good spirits, a question asked by a Pakistani reporter left him bemused. It was pretty much a given that Kohli would be asked about the Jasprit Bumrah no-ball. Pakistan opener Fakhar Zaman had edged it to MS Dhoni when he was batting on 3. But, to his good fortune, he was declared not out because Jasprit Bumrah had overstepped the line. Kohli was asked about this incident by the Pakistani reporter but in a way that left the skipper baffled. Here are the excerpts of the interview between the said reporter and Kohli:

Reporter: Winning the toss and wicket off the no ball, did you feel any pleasant moment in this match?

Virat Kohli: Any what?

Reporter: Pleasant moment. You won the toss and got a wicket on the no ball. Did you have any other pleasant moments in this match?

Virat Kohli: For who?

Reporter: For You

Virat Kohli: How can no ball be pleasant for me?

Reporter: Because you got the wicket

Virat Kohli: Was that even sensible? I don’t know what is happening?

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The Indian skipper went on to answer other questions but, this epic question will stay with him forever and with the Indians too who are totally as confused as Mr. Kohli is.