Watch: Radhika Apte’s Beautiful Message To Every Girl

Radhika-Apte-0214[tps_footer]Radhika Apte is one actress who is tagged as the most expressive ones. The mind blowing starlet has always chosen unique roles and characters. Radhika who likes to do things in a different manner has yet again impressed everyone on the social media. We all know how Apte took the masses by a storm with her short movie ‘Ahalya’. Well, this time, the dusky star has a new take on the definition of beauty.


The actress is seen delivering a never seen before take on being beautiful. In a black and white set up, Radhika Apte goes back to her childhood and conveys a message to herself. The gorgeous actress who is always to the point has this time attached a chord with the meaning of being beautiful.

From fake eyelashes to fake eye colors to fake straightened tresses to short heights, Radhika Apte strongly conveys how being beautiful is a perspective. The actress further also hints at body shaming by saying that being short heighted is not wrong it’s the perspective towards it which is wrong.


Moving on to the topic of skin color, Radhika claims that skin cannot be measured with a shade card. The wonderful actress tries to spread the message that no matter how you look, you are always beautiful!

A few lines from the video are

“Who decided what the perfect body type is?

Or the perfect pout.

Who set the rules of ‘moral social behaviour’?

Who defined ‘beautiful’?”


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