Watch: Shah Rukh Khan’s Wife Gauri Khan Offers Money To A Photographer To Delete Her Photo

As we all know paparazzi play a major part in Bollywood celebrities’ career as well it’s a machine for their fame. But sometimes, these celebrities get irritated or upset when caught candid. According to reports, recently Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan asked a photographer to delete her picture. Not just that, she even offered Rs 5,000 to delete her one picture. Wondering why?

As per reports, Gauri Khan had gone to a place for her new showroom and that’s when a photographer clicked her. After knowing her picture has been clicked, Gauri got offended and soon sent her bodyguard to get the photo delete from the photographer. When the photographer paid no heed to his warning, Gauri Khan personally went to him and asked to delete her picture immediately. She even offered him Rs.5, 000 but the photographer rejected to delete as according to him the picture was nothing but a normal click.

Reports also suggest the picture clicked was not bad to be offensive and so, the photographer rejected to delete the photo. We wonder what can be the reason for asking the papz to delete her picture.

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