Watch: Will Sunil Grover Reconsider Working With Kapil Sharma After Watching This Video?


Sunil Pal asks Sunil Grover to patch up with Kapil Sharma and his reasons are quite justified.

Each one is putting their efforts to bring Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma back together. Things have turned worse after Sunil in clear words said that he is not returning back to the show. In fact, just yesterday, Sunil Grover took to twitter and hinted that he chooses dignity over money. He wrote, “My intentions are to act and to entertain with dignity. For me, money can’t be the only reason to do something, or not to do something.”

Now comedian Sunil Pal, who appeared recently as a guest on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, has shared a video on his Facebook page for Sunil Grover. In the video, Sunil Pal can be seen apologizing to Sunil Grover on Kapil’s behalf and urging them to patch-up. He asks Sunil Grover to forgive Kapil Sharma and return back on the show.

In fact, Sunil Pal also gave his piece of mind to the comedian and said that because of his fight with Kapil Sharma, other channels are taking an advantage of it. Sunil Pal further asked Sunil Grover to think of the time when he had quit Kapil’s show for some other television comedy show but then had to return back to Kapil only. He also reminded him how the same show was shut down.

Sunil also urged the comedian to return back as The Kapil Sharma Show is a source of livelihood for 500 comedians and if he is not returning back, the show might shut down.

In the 4 minutes long video, Sunil also asked Grover to think what if he never gets succeeded in life despite after breaking all the ties with Kapil Sharma.

Well, will this affect Sunil Grover in any way? Will Grover give a second thought to his decision? We just can’t wait to see them together. What about you? Throw your views in the comments in the video below.

Watch the video below: