Watch: You Won’t Believe Why Shah Rukh Khan Is Staying Away From Twitter!


Srk[tps_footer]After his remark on the growing intolerance debate, Bollywood’s superstar Shah Rukh Khan has chosen to maintain silence over everything. If noticed, the actor has also maintained distance and is not active on the social media nowadays.

Recently in a candid chat with fans, SRK interacted live with his fans from over 100 countries, in which he answered questions on everything. From how he bought his first car, to his wish list and biggest worries, the actor opened up like never before.


One of the questions asked to SRK was on not being active on social media. Shah Rukh Khan who was asked about the same revealed that he is maintaining distance from social media due to all the negativity and idiotic stuff.

When asked on why he is not active on twitter, the Dilwale star replied, “I don’t come (on Twitter) that often. I don’t like people abusing and all. I don’t need to open my telephone and see the negativity. So, I don’t like it… there are some idiots who talk really idiotic stuff and say bad things, so I don’t like to read (it) and unfortunately I end up reading it whether I like it or not.”

The actor also urged his fans to not abuse other actor and actresses, as he doesn’t not feel like that and that nobody is important enough to be abused. “So just one little thing… Don’t abuse on social media and don’t say bad things about other actors and actresses… because I don’t feel like that myself for anyone and nobody is important enough in life to be abused I did a few times and I regret doing it,” says SRK.

Shah Rukh Khan who was upset with his fans, requested them saying that nobody should be rude to anyone, on his behalf or on their own.

SRK said, “Everyone – don’t do such things specially you know people write ill things on social media and go in fact there is no fun in that if you want to abuse someone then say it on the face.”


Earlier, even actor Salman Khan had warned his fans not to abuse his colleagues on social media. Well, so remember, no brownie points for Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan fans, if you abuse their colleagues next time!

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