Watch: Yuvraj Singh’ Mother REACTS To Bigg Boss Contestant Akansha Sharma’s Allegations!


During the premiere launch episode of Bigg Boss 10 with star host Salman Khan, it came as a surprise to everyone after knowing that Delhi-based Akansha Sharma, who has participated on the show as a commoner, is related to cricketer Yuvraj Singh. At the premiere episode of #BB10, Akansha revealed that she was married to Yuvraj’s younger brother Zorawar in 2014 but their marriage ended up within 5 months.

hough she didn’t reveal much in detail, Akansha Sharma made one shocking confession that her mother-in-law had tortured her a lot and that she is the reason why she parted ways from her husband. She also said that she needs no alimony from the Singh family but only needs a divorce from her husband. Her revelations raised a lot of eyebrows and now Yuvraj Singh’s mother, Shabnam Singh has finally reacted to the allegations put on her by Akansha Sharma.