What Made Millind Gaba Shoot T-Series’ Zindagi Di Paudi In Below Zero Degrees Weather In Armenia?

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Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series is all set to release its new single ‘Zindagi Di Paudi’ on the 6th of June, 2019 featuring popular Punjabi artist Millind Gaba and Jannat Zubair Rahmani. The makers recently released the motion poster of the song which has got fans swooning over the song!

The music video has been directed by Shabby Singh with the musical rendition by MusicMG, lyrics by Nirmaan and is sung by T-Series’ talent, Millind Gaba. As their journey commenced, the cast and crew faced several roadblocks one of which was the shoot location which was zeroed down to Armenia for its picturesque backdrop which suited the story the best.
Even though Armenia records an unfavorable atmosphere with the temperature dropping to negatives very fast, the whole unit including the singer Millind Gaba decided to play against the odds and shoot in Armenia. The unit was determined on the location and even with the guides of the location advising them against it, the whole group completed the shoot in five days and thus, the beautiful journey of ‘Zindagi Di Paudi’ began.

Discussing the whole experience of shooting in such a difficult environment, Millind Gaba said, “We had thought we would shoot for three days and then for the rest of the two days, we would chill and party as well as explore the city. But when we actually went to the shoot on location, we realized that the days we had chosen to shoot at the location, the weather was terrible. The reason why we were specific with choosing Armenia as our location was that we required a location where we could get snowfall and we wanted to have hospitals and ambulances around.”

“At the end of the shoot, we were in tears of joy and thankful to God that he was there for us. That’s how we succeeded in shooting the entire song”, added Millind about the shoot.

The voice that brought the song to life, Millind Gaba became a sensation after his hit singles that made him a popular name across the country. He is known for his songs ‘Nazar Lag Jayegi’, ‘She Don’t Know’ and ‘Yaar Mod Do.’

Recently, T-Series achieved a new milestone and became the first ever YouTube channel to cross 100 million subscribers. Many of the singles and albums produced by T-Series are chartbusters and trending, touching hearts of millions of people across the globe.

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