Will Salman Khan Forgive Vivek Oberoi?


Salman-VIvek[tps_footer]Salman Khan is known to have a large heart. He is also known to make many careers and gives us a great composer with Himesh Reshammiya. Like a true Capricorniam, he forgives but never forgets. He may be collaborating with Himesh now but he hasn’t forgotten what brewed before. Same goes for his spat with Shah Rukh Khan. But there is one person we don’t think he will ever forgive and he is none other than Vivek Oberoi.

It’s still unknown why (while may have already have right guesses in their mind) Vivek called that infamous press conference that ruined his career.

Vivek Oberoi had accused Salman Khan of calling him 31 times to threaten him. Vivek was apparently in a relationship with Aishwarya Rai, Salman’s ex. He called a press conference and blamed Salman making things difficult for him just because he was dating Aishwarya.

He was at hi peak doing back to back films with top banners. Aditya Chopra had famously told him, “He could be the next Shah Rukh Khan but the only problem is, you already think you are.” And then he called the press conference…

Salman it seems can never get over that fact. Vivek was an up and coming actor and had dared to challenge him. Today he doesn’t even acknowledge his presence.

We wonder if Salman Khan will ever be able to forgive Vivek Oberoi. After all, he cannot be blamed for it alone. There were other people involved.

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