You Won’t Believe How Baahubali Star Prabhas TRANSFORMED Himself And How Much It Cost!

Prabhas worked day in and day out to make himself visually appealing for the historic role of Baahubali. SS Rajamouli’s iconic Baahubali, released in 2015, has his much-awaited sequel, Baahubali: The Conclusion is hitting the screens on April 28th this year.

The film in itself has become a definition of grandeur. From massive sets to stunning and unbelievable shots, the movie has it all. But what effort has gone behind this legendary film is mostly unknown to all.

Many of us would not be knowing that the main lead of the film, Prabhas was very lean and thin before the movie. The actor had to work a lot on building up his body, mainly his arm muscles. He used to have workout sessions of 3 hour each day, continuously over a period of 6 months. This was when the shoot of the movie had not even begun.

During the shooting of the film, Prabhas used to wake up at 5 AM for a shoot at 7 in the morning which used to go on till 10 in night. The actor had to learn a whole new way of living in order to bring his two different characters on-screen. To make his role even more appealing, he has gone to the limits of carrying the Baahubali get-up even at his home.

Not many know as to how Prabhas managed to look so bulky to suit the character of Baahubali on-screen. It is learnt that the makers have spent as much as Rs 15 crore, solely to sculpt the physique of Prabhas.

Mr World 2010 title winner Lakshman Reddy supervised the actor’s diet and workouts which included 6 to 8 meals on a day with the right kind of protein and fats. The actor was strictly deprived of any junk food for all these five years.

The makers of the film, ensured that the characters look their part and therefore not withstanding anything, have spent a bomb for the same.

The actor who is seen performing ferocious stunts in the trailer of the sequel, has been fully devoted to the movie and its makers. Rajamouli, the Director of the film, in an interview says, “I needed an actor with whom I have a very good rapport. One who has faith in my way of handling the project. Prabhas gave me two years of his dates, when I asked him for one year.” The director giving credit to the actor says, “Without him, this project wouldn’t have happened.”

Prabhas received several offers from the Tamil as well as Hindi film industry after he worked in Baahubali. But the actor turned all of them down, as he wanted to concentrate on Baahubali: The Conclusion. His dedication has been commendable and we all are looking forward to the outcome of his efforts.

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