You Won’t Believe Who Befikre Director Aditya Chopra Compares Ranveer Singh To!

Aditya Chopra, the son of Yash Chopra and scion of Yash Raj Films, came out with a blog post pouring his heart out about his upcoming film Befikre and how it is like his second first film. The blog was written by Aditya Chopra, but was shared with fans and followers by Ranveer Singh, his lead man.

Today, there’s a second blog titled ‘Ranveer was in Befikre even before I was’ wherein Aditya Chopra reveals the director side of him.

You Won’t Believe Who Befikre Director Aditya Chopra Compares Ranveer Singh To, CLICK NEXT!


He said that he felt exposed and scared when he decided to direct Befikre without Shah Rukh Khan but later realised that both Ranveer and Shah Rukh better his work and cover the flaws. Self-admittedly, the only actor Aditya has ever directed is Shah Rukh Khan.

The second blog has the same effect that the first blog had. It gives us an insight in Aditya Chopra, as a person and as a director. He is usually camera shy and keeps a distance from media. This blogs have helped him connect as a director with his audience.

He has stayed away even from all the behind the scene videos from the upcoming film Befikre, which marks his return as a director after 8 long years.

It is one of the few times, his fans and audience can relate to the man behind the making of films that linger on with them years after its release.

The question that clogs are mind is still the same. Is this a stunt move or is he genuinely trying to touch base with his audience?