You Won’t Believe How Much Nawazuddin Siddique Charged For Haraamkhor


Nawaz didn’t charge a penny more than Rupee 1 for his next!

Nawazuddin Siddique is slowing inching towards a new scale of stardom. Having aced his acting prowess and slowly becoming an actor that is loved by the masses, looks like for his next Nawaz was confident of his film. When he signed Haraamkhor which has been made of a really low budget, Nawaz was certain that the film will resonate well with the audience and thus decided to not charge for the project. Instead the actor chose to take a lucky advance if Rupee 1 and instead agreed upon a share in profit of the film. The film owing to its various distribution and digital rights has already neared a profit stage and any money gained through its commercial release will instantly make the film a success!

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Nawaz and everyone on the project worked on minimal money or no money at all. Ours is a passion project and we did everything we could to get the film made. Nawaz loved the script and insisted to work pro bono on the film understanding the limitations of the budget overall. He was sweet to only charge Rupee 1 from us literally as a token of his efforts. His support and work made the film possible!“, says Guneet Monga.

That indeed is a pretty smart move by Nawaz, who now has not only left us impressed with his acting skills but now looks like he’s soon to ace the box office game too.

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