All Work No Play For Purab Kohli? 




Purab Kohli who has continuously been shooting for Nikhil Advani‘s TV series which is going to be telecasted soon is juggling between day and night long schedule as he has also started shooting for his next movie which is directed by Sunhil Sippy.

So as he is going to be shooting for both the project simultaneously, days are going to be with the TV series and nights working for the movie. Phew! The best part is he has a brilliant cast and crew on both the sides to support him and work harder. Purab has had to work two shifts a day in order to accommodate time for both the projects. This has landed up making the actor give up his personal health in order to make sure his commitment for both the projects is fulfilled.

When asked Purab he said, “When you are involved with a TV show your dates get really flooded… I always varied of this and hence stayed away from TV but Nikhil’s show was too good to resist. Now my managers are spending a lot of time discussing dates with the schedulers of the different things I’m involved with. As hectic as it sounds I’m really enjoying these projects and love the way they are tongue out… once they release and if the audience enjoys it then that will be a worth all the hard work.”