Wow! Shah Rukh Khan Says Yes To Kim Kardashian


Shah Rukh Khan is loved by people and media alike for his intelligent and humorous responses and takes on different situations.

King Khan decided to have an impromptu Twitter session with his followers as he had a headache and could not get sleep. He is currently shooting for in Europe for Imtiaz Ali’s Ring.

We know that the actor is loved by both genders alike. In his chat session today, a fan asked him if he would do a Kim Kardashian sex tape. Pointless to say, he was indeed amused. But he answered it with his usual witty spirit and said, “Haha…This is a first!”


It’s a wide known fact that Kim Kardashian s*x tape is an extensively watched video . There are also stories floating around that the site was trying to procure the leaked s*x footage from Kim’s phones that were stolen by the Paris gunmen in a recent robbery. Kim’s almost n*ked bold photoshoots and raunchy videos have made this reality television star a popular s*x symbol.

What must have got the fan thinking on these lines, we wonder considering SRK’s intimacy level in his movies!!!

This was not the only naughty question. Read on to know more.