Yami Gautam BREAKS This Fitness Myth

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There are a lot of people who feel that healthy food is equal to not tasty food. Eating healthy food is termed to be boring or a punishment for many.

But actress Yami Gautam breaks that myth for a lot of fitness lovers and that is definitely great news for them. Yami believes how a little modification to your diet can make u celebrate it.

Some of Yami’s Go-to modifications are replacing White Rice with Quinoa, Fox nuts better known as Makhana to munch on in between meals and replacing irresistible Ice creams with Frozen Yogurt.

For days when you crave for pastries, carrot cake is a healthier replacement.

Yami shares, “Following a healthy diet plan is not as difficult as it sounds and one definitely doesn’t have to stay hungry. In fact, you need to eat the right food in every 2 hours. Just by making a few replacements for your cravings, you can achieve the level of fitness you desire.”

So the next time you think of going on a health spree keep these advices handy!!