Yami Gautam Buys A Heritage Home- Details Here!


The young actress, Yami Gautam who is gearing up for her 2017 Republic Day release has bought a house in her home state, Himachal Pradesh.

Yami has bought a 100-year-old heritage home built on a 25 acre plot, and the actress is eagerly waiting to take her nani to her second home in February.

This particular property was spotted by her parents and they were the one’s who informed Yami Gautam regarding the same. The actual owner of the house was about to sell the property to someone else but when they saw how much the actress loved it, they were happy to let her have it, knowing she would take good care of their ancestral home.

For the actress its more of an emotional connect than a property investment. Even though Yami Gautam grew up in Chandigarh, she would go to her nani’s place near Shimla every year during the summer holidays and some of her happiest memories. It has always been a special place.

When Yami went to her home-town for the registry, while sitting in the lawn outside, met the locals who were delighted with their new neighbour and promised her with every possible help. She also reminisced the weddings she attended growing up, sitting together with everyone. What Yami missed was the charming simplicity of the people, the picturesque greenery and the blissful serenity of the surroundings, so different from the hustle bustle of the Maximum City. Confirmed Yami Gautam.

“There’s a ‘we’ feeling there that’s unique to the place,“ she exults. “It’s a typical, traditional Himachali house with the rooms built around an open court yard and one or two of them with secret staircases leading to the basement,“ she says. “My father is supervising the renovations, working closely with architects to ensure that we don’t disturb the original structure while fitting it with modern amenities. The puja room will remain the way it is, and so will the sloping tin roof. I’d love to hear the rain patter against it during monsoons,“ the actress added further.

The surprising thing for Yami was that there was this agricultural land attached with the house and she was very happy to know that as they have been growing vegetables and fruits for decades. says a source.

The original owners sent us baskets of walnuts and apricots as a ‘thank you’. People there are more emotional than commercial. We have a stream running across and can hand-pump water, drink it unfiltered,“ Yami Gautam says.

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