Yash Vashishtha is all set to promote movies with his Social matte Media

Yash Vashishtha

Making a movie is not that much tough according to production houses but to market and do promotional is a headache. It needs lots of awareness, and quite a lot of money is involved in promoting movies.

We found new IT specialist Yash Vashishtha, who is a young and talented guy. He knows everything related to social media marketing. He has started social media marketing for movies which we call promotional work for the film. His company name is social matte media.

As we know, we are living in a world of media invasion. You should know how to invest in the promotion of movies. Yash feels it is not easy as top minds surround you. Lots of movies are coming daily in India. It is not easy to target audiences for the film. According to Yash, we need to find new ways of doing promotion work for movies.

Social matte media will be a specialized company for movie-makers in coming time. According to Yash, the promotions work continues even after movies get on theater for at-list seven to ten days. We have to keep on pushing movies reviews that it is doing good in the market. So that people get attracted to the online reviews an all.

Movies in India depends on the mouth to mouth publicity, so to motivate people to come and see a film is not an easy task. And we are surrounded by competitors they will push you back at the time of your movie promotion. So Yash toughest part if after the movie is released and they have to continuously push people by every social media platform to come and watch the film. Yash feels he is seating on the hot seat which is not comfortable as many are there in the market who wants that seat of his.

It will be interesting to see how Yash Vashishtha and his social matte media goes from here. Many competitors in the market are waiting to pull you back. But Yash Vashishtha is king of social media marketing he has proved his talent, and he will surely make it happen in Bollywood too.

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