Yasmin Karachiwala’s Latest Mentee, Actor Rahul Sharma’s Fitness Videos Are Taking The Internet By Storm


Yasmin Karachiwala has been the women behind some of the hottest bodies in Bollywood. From Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt to Ishaan Khatter, Yasmin is an integral part of fitness journey of many actors, and now, under her tutelage, actor Rahul Sharma, has undergone a stupendous transformation as well.

Aspiring to be an actor from a young age, Rahul started giving auditions while he was in college. However, due to a sudden illness which could have left him paralysed neck down, Rahul had to take a break not only from acting, but also could not indulge in heavy physical activity. By the time he recovered, he had put on a lot of weight, which could have been catastrophic for an aspiring actor.

However, under Yasmin’s expert guidance, not only did Rahul gain back his body, but adopted fitness as a way of life. Within a short span of time, Rahul’s fitness videos, have become a rage.

Speaking on his remarkable transformation, Yasmin Karichawala said, “Rahul has overcome a lot of physical setbacks in the past to be where he is today by showing tremendous dedication to his fitness journey. He is extremely hard working and never misses a session. His body is looking amazing and the hard work has paid off.”

Sharing details about his fitness regime, she revealed, “Rahul’s background had mostly been heavy weight training, when he joined us at Body Image. This had led to more of size gain without any core strength.

He approached me with the hope of getting a balanced workout. Our goal was to give me lean and defined muscles with strong core and stability. He started with 2 weeks of pilates and then we added full body weight training, crossfit, function, MFT etc to his repertoire. He has lost considerable amount of fat and has achieved much defined body over all.”

Here are some glimpses from Rahul’s fitness regime –