Check Out: Honey Singh’s New Avatar!

Honey Singh who is low key is making sure that he is making the most of it.

The singing sensation who has a tremendous fan following had started sweating out in the gym, Honey had put all his focus in keeping himself fit. From spending at least 2-3 hours in the gym every day, to following a diet, Honey has done it all.

His new look certainly serves as a perfect treat for his fans. a trimmed hair and a chiseled look, Honey carries the perfect swag!

Here’s a before and an after look of Honey Singh, CLICK NEXT!


Yo Yo Honey Singh‘s manager adds, Honey has been sweating it out at the gym, he has even changed his look and has donned a trimmed beard and a haircut, he is loving his new look and would like to keep it for a while.

Honey after trying a dense look when he grew a thick beard with his sign off of signature cap pose, the singing sensation tried donning a yet different look.

This time Honey has surprised his fans by donning on a chiseled look by trimming his dense beard and going short and donning a new hair cut.

Honey has donned an all new avatar, the actor and singer who is lying low key is giving small treats to all his fans!

Honey Singh has got in an all new shape and is spending a lot of time at the gym.

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