Bigg Boss 10 Episode 32, 16th November Highlights: Om Swami Raises Question On Mona And Manu’s Character, Rohan’s Team Wins Luxury Budget

After a heated argument between Manveer and Rohan in Bigg Boss 10 house, housemates start a new day and continue playing luxury budget task. The first two days of the week have been very tough for Bigg Boss 10 contestants after their personal belongings and luggage were taken away for the luxury budget task. Somehow, giving their best, housemates successfully completed the task. Om Swami, who has been in the limelight throughout the task, continued irritating his teammates by sleeping in front of their face. Manveer and Manu once get into argument after Om Swami threatens them. Amid everything, Bigg Boss asks housemates to announce the winner of the task. With fewer points, Rohan’s team becomes the winner of the luxury budget task.

Also, Om Swami irks celebrities after he raises the question on Mona and Manu’s character. The self-proclaimed Babaji discusses with celebrities that how Mona and Manu were sleeping next to each other at night despite Manu being engaged. Lopa also lashes out at Om Swami for talking rubbish about a girl.

Later in the day, housemates were asked to choose two worst performers of the task and guess who turned the targets this time? None other than Om Swami and Nitibha Kaul became the worst performers of the task. The housemates were given a special treat of burgers by Bigg Boss but being worst performers; Om Swami and Nitibha Kaul were not allowed to eat. Poor guys!

The day ended on a happy note between Manu, Manveer, and Mona. Manveer and Manu also make special vote appeal for Monalisa. Going mad with happiness, Monalisa kisses both the guys. Well, tomorrow’s episode is going to witness more struggle among the housemates as it’s time to choose the new captain of the house. Bigg Boss introduces captain tournament to be played by Lopamudra Vs Karan Mehra and Rahul Dev Vs Rohan Mehra.

Who do you think will become the new captain of the house? Share your views in the comments section below.

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