Bigg Boss 10 7th November 2016, Episode 23 Highlights: Monalisa’s Increasing Intimacy For Manu Punjabi, Bani And Navin To Get Into Ugly Fight

The competition and fights between Indiawale and Celebrity team are increasing with each upcoming twist in Bigg Boss 10 house. Tonight’s episode was another interesting yet stressful for the housemates after playing back to back task in order to get safe from the nominations. The contestants battled for “Immunity medallion” where each one had to play their individual game. The housemates were  asked to bid an amount between one lakh to twenty-five lakhs.  The one with the highest bid amount will win the task and none other than Nitibha Kaul takes away the “IMMUNITY MEDALLION” with the highest bid of Rs. 24,9994. The same amount got deducted from the winning prize money. So, the total winning prize money after deduction comes to Rs 25.06 lakhs.

Later, Bigg Boss introduced shocking nomination task, which turned out to be one of the pitted task ever of the season. Every time when the housemates receive a call, they have to sit on the chair and perform the task given by Bigg Boss. Bani had to get Gaurav Chopra’s eyebrows bleach to get safe from the nominations and which he agreed to do it. Rohan had to get Karan Mehra’s wife photo shredded in the machine, Monalisa had to get Manu Punjabi’s doll cut into pieces, Nitibha used her one immunity out of two and Gaurav had to get Bani’s Diwali gifted jacket dip into the paint bucket.

Well, it was great to see how housemates stood for each other and continued doing the task.But one person who totally broke down was Manu. Manu Punjabi immediately broke down after his doll was cut into pieces to get Monalisa safe from the nominations. Just when the task was over, Monalisa had a warm hug and kissed Manu.

The day ended with lots of heated argument and emotions but that’s not all. The left out task will see new drama inside the house for nominations. In tomorrow’s episode, viewers will witness how Navin and Bani get into a heated argument. Navin, who is known for his polite nature, will be seen raising his voice over the top once again during his fight with Bani.

Get ready to witness the rollercoaster ride of Bigg Boss 10 in the nest episode!

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