Bigg Boss 10: Celebrities Get A Golden Opportunity, New Task To Create Ugly Fight Between Lopamudra Raut And Mannu



Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 was one of the best yet entertainment episodes. The episode started with Rohan Mehra and Priyanka Jagga’s ugly fight that let many secrets out. Priyanka revealed that she knows Rohan’s family and every secret of him, which left everyone shocked. The contestants of the show also played the Raaz task and it ended on the happier note. Bringing contestants’ worst nightmare to reality, Bigg Boss further asked the Sevaks and Maaliks to nominate the weaklings from their respective teams. Commoners selected Swamiji to go to jail while celebrities choose Monalisa.

In the evening, Priyanka dresses up for the Karwachauth puja and asks Swamiji to do the rituals. All hell breaks loose after Mona and Lopa make fun of Priyanka’s fake Karwachauth puja after which she lashes out at them. Later this creates another fight in the house after Manveer Gujjar pokes in the fight to defend Priyanka. Amid everything, Lokesh Kumar made us laugh to death with her funny antics.

Well, in tomorrow’s episode, Bigg Boss puts commoners in the shock after they break the rules of the task. As the commoners break the rules of the task, Bigg Boss gives celebrities one more opportunity to get all the power and become maaliks. SO TABLES HAVE TURNED!

Bigg Boss introduces “satta” task, which is a golden opportunity given to them to be the maaliks of the house. Do not forget this task is going to create another fiasco in the house and this time, it is going to be between Lopamudra Raut and Manoj Punjabi aka Mannu.

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