Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11, 27th October 2016 Highlights: Navin And Lokesh Steal The Show, Housemates Have An Emotional Start To Diwali

Bigg Boss 10 show is getting interesting with each passing day. The contestants are showing their real sides slowly, which is leading to more drama and fights inside the house. Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss witnessed how Monalisa and Om Swamiji get into an argument with their own teams after they decided to send them to the jail. After much of discussion, Om Swami and Monalisa are put in the jail as their punishment for being the worst performers of the task.

Amid everything, secretly love is brewing between Mannu and Monalisa. With each passing day, it’s evident that Mannu is getting very much concerned about Monalisa. As we saw in tonight’s episode, Mannu asks Monalisa to change his mind for the people who make her, which he was addressing towards celebrity contestants. Well, if Mannu has serious likings for Monalisa or no that only time will tell!

Also, Navin and Lokesh compete against each other for the first immunity task of the show. Both has to make a line of Dominoes blocks and the contestant with maximum blocks standing will win the task. The winner will get safe from the next nominations. Hearing this, both Navin and Lokesh roll up their sleeves. While Lokesh sincerely manages to play the game, Navin spoils her game with strategies. This creates another drama inside the house. What was more surprising was the angry side of Lokesh after Navin kicked her blocks. The whole house has turned against Navin for not being fair during the task.

But who wins the immunity at the end? As earlier we had Exclusively revealed, despite cheating, Navin is the WINNER of the task and the same you will witness in tomorrow’s episode. Tomorrow’s episode will unfold a new drama inside the house.

Also, the festival of lights is around the corner and we had already revealed that the makers of the show have begun with grand Diwali celebrations for the housemates. The next episode will see how housemates get emotional and burst into tears after receiving gifts and letters from their families on the occasion of Diwali.



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