Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra Sends Lopamudra To Jail, Guess What She Did Next!-Watch Video


Bigg Boss 10 show is taking drastic twists and turns with each passing day. The good friends have turned enemies and the equations are seen changing every minute in the house.  In the last episode as we saw, Lopamudra had an argument with Gaurav Chopra after he gave away her bundle of points to Priyanka Jagga during “Taxi Stand” task. The argument between the two went ugly. Lopa even accused Gaurav of changing the equation of the entire house by his silly behavior as now Priyanka has turned out to be the contender for the captaincy task.

However, in tonight’s episode again Lopamudra has to face Captain Gaurav Chopra. Bigg Boss asks Gaurav to choose two contestants for the jail punishment and as expected, he chose Om Swami and Lopamudra. This did not go well with Lopa and what next she did is surprising.

Gaurav asks Lopa to get inside the jail but she just walks off from the luggage room saying, ‘Main nahi jaungi jail!’. Lopa also tells him that he was insecure because she had more points in the luxury budget task than anyone else. While Om Swami settles down in comfort inside the jail, Lopa refuses to go to jail.

Now tonight’s episode will unfold if Lopa will get ready to enter the jail and face the punishment or no. What do you think? Is Gaurav playing a fair game? Share your views in the comments section below.