Bigg Boss 10: Guess Who Are The New Love Birds In The House?

The reality show Bigg Boss is not only known for fights, controversies, and brickbats but has also played a cupid for many couples since last 9 seasons. Well, lovebirds in the house manage to stay much in limelight than the other contestants and also increase the TRPs of the show with their intimate relationships.  One can’t deny that romance too has been an integral part. Manu and Mona Lisa’s bonding in the house was very much evident since day 1 but it seems, Bigg Boss 10 house has found another couple.



We are talking about Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gujjar, who are being quite vocal about their feelings for each other as we saw in the last two episodes. Going by their closeness in the house, it seems there is a spark of love between the two and their recent instances prove that the two are turning more than ‘just friends’.

As we saw in the last episode, film ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ star cast entered the house for the promotions of their film. They even played a cute task with the housemates.  Each housemate had to give out the name of another contestant who is their ‘Wajah’ to be in the Bigg Boss 10 house and feed them a yummy brownie.

Everyone was surprised when Manveer took Nitibha’s name and feed her brownie. Nitibha left blushing and the duo then acknowledged each other’s importance. Nitibha also chose Manveer as her “wajah” to be on the show and reasoned that she loves how Manveer is taking care of her with medicines and all. A new equation seems to be forming in the house?

That’s not all, during the luxury budget task, as Priyanka Jagga became the new captain of the house, Manveer went and took Nitibha in his arms than congratulating Priyanka to be the winner. What’s cooking, guys?  What do you have to say about the new chemistry between Nitibha and Manveer in the house? Share your views in the comments section below.

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