Bigg Boss 10: Is Lopamudra Raut Being Double Faced And Targeting VJ Bani Unnecessarily?


Bigg Boss 10 contestants have reached to the level in the game where they have to fight and prove themselves for survival. As we saw in the last episode, Salman asked the contestants to name the person who deserved to sit on the Khalnayak Ki Kursi. The housemates nominated Lopamudra Raut as the villain of the week. Then Salman Khan came to the point of Lopa and Bani’s spat. The Sultan actor lashed out at VJ Bani for initiating the fight with Lopamudra Raut. We think that task went too personal because of Lopamudra Raut and not because of VJ Bani.

Nevertheless, Salman Khan unexpectedly took Lopa’s side and this gave her chance to shed her crocodile tears. Lopamudra also claimed that Bani blew the entire matter out of proportion. She also added saying that how because of a person like Bani, her career and life outside can affect as personal comments on her makeup, shopping on dad’s money were made. Like really? Lopa’s comments on Bani’s lip injection, Botox were not personal? Lopa did a lot of drama while putting her point over her fight with Bani. Of course, why would she not do when Salman Khan took her side?

So, makers can’t telecast everything in a 1-hour episode and so we bring something unseen about Lopamudra Raut, which will reveal her double personality and more of her game plan to survive in the game. Before the weekend ka vaar shoot, Lopamudra Raut along with Manveer and Manu was heard discussing that she is not at all upset with what Bani said about her makeup and rest during the call centre task. She also further added that in fact, she was discussing with Rohan Mehra that how Bani asked silly and funny questions to her.

Manveer then questioned her if once also she felt to go inside the booth and hit Bani, Lopa said yes, “If she crosses her limit I will go inside and slap her.” She laughs and tells that hanging up the phone was not allowed in the task but there was nowhere mentioned that one can’t take the phone inside the booth.

Manveer also told her that she is looking broken after Bani’s call during the task. To which she replied that she is least affected by it and in fact, what Bani asked her was silly (laughs).

Hmm, much double standards?  Remember during the press meet inside the Bigg Boss house when Priyanka Jagga said that she finds Lopamudra Raut completely double-faced and feels the model tries hard to be sweet, which she isn’t. True that? Share your views in the comments section below!