Bigg Boss 10: Lopamudra Raut Loses Her Cool Over Rohan Mehra’s Joke!

Bigg Boss 10 housemates have managed to create a stir inside the house with their controversial fights. This seems to be a nice way for the housemates to stay hot in this winter season, though. Well, as the show is approaching slowly to finale month, the equations and the games have started taking drastic turns. The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 10 will witness a new fight in the house between Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra.

Since last few episodes, we have seen how Lopamudra and Rohan have stood for each other at every moment. The two have become good friends but it seems, after nomination task, the things are really changing inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. Just one joke for fun breaks Lopamudra and Rohan’s friendship. Yes, you read that right!


Rohan jokes with Lopamudra while they chill out with Gaurav and Rahul Dev in the kitchen area of the house. But it seems, Lopmudra could not take the joke sportingly and lashes out at Rohan for acting smart. She tells Rohan to stop talking about her or stop talking to her. Lopa even lashes out at him saying that he played a safe game during the nomination task and this why, he is safe from the coming week’s eviction. Ouch!

Watch the video below!

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