Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi’s Secret Chat With Monalisa’s Boyfriend Vikram Is SHOCKING!

Contestants get along very well and get fond of each other in short span of time inside Bigg Boss 10 house. This season, Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa became quite close to each other despite being committed to their partners outside the house. If you are following the show, a few days ago on Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar episode, Mona’s boyfriend Vikram Singh Rajpoot had expressed his disappointment on Mona’s increasing closeness with Manu. In fact, before coming on the show, he gave quite a few interviews and expressed that how is  upset with Mona’s behavior.

On the other hand, Manu’s fiancé Priya Saini had also broken her silence on the same and said that Mona is playing her game to survive on the show. Well, partners of Manu and Mona got into a serious discussion over the same during one of the weekend ka vaar episodes. But now as Manu was outside the house for a week for his mother’s demise, he is pretty much aware of what’s going in the outside world about his performance in Bigg Boss 10 house.

Manu is back on the show and is pretty clear with his game plans as he has got some advice and has also watched few episodes before entering the house. In fact, he even talked to Mona’s boyfriend Vikram Singh Rajpoot before entering the house.

Manu had called Vikram Singh Rajpoot and asked him if he has any message for his girlfriend and his reply on the same is quite shocking.


While revealing to Priyanka Jagga about his phone call conversation with Vikram Singh Rajpoot, Manu said that he asked Mona’s boyfriend if he has any message for his girlfriend. Manu joked at first and said that Vikram wants Mona to know that he broke up with her. The next second, Manu says that he was just kidding.

Coming to a serious note, Manu told Priyanka, “Vikram appreciated me and told me that I am going well in the game. I am a good guy…

Priyanka interrupts and tells Manu that why did he not talk about Mona’s performance. To which Manu reacted saying, “Whenever I asked him about Mona, he would only talk about me and my performance in the game.”

Manu then tells Priyanka that whenever he will go in the house, he will inform Mona that Vikram Singh Rajpoot is not happy with her and that he wants Mona to know the truth.

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