Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi’s Sudden Exit From The House Might Leave You In Tears- Watch Video!


We all know Manu Punjabi, who was going strong in the game, had to make an emergency exit as his mother passed away on Friday night due to respiratory diseases. Manu had no clue before leaving Bigg Boss 10 house. Bigg Boss called Man in the confession room and informed that due to certain circumstances in the outside world, he has to come out of the house. Manu goes speechless as Bigg Boss asks him to leave the house. Bigg Boss asked Manu to bid final bye to his friends in the house and get back in the confession room.

Manu breaks the news to his friends Monalisa and Manveer. As they hear this, they try to stop him but Manu had to leave the house. All housemates bid him adieu and his sudden exit from the house leave Manveer and Mona Lisa crying badly. The duo cannot stop crying and get upset over the situation.

Monalisa also tells Priyanka that she did not have to do anything to break Manu, Manveer, and her bonding as it happened without her efforts. Priyanka snaps back and makes mean comments. She says ‘Tumhari dosti thi? Are you kidding me?’. This leaves Monalisa hurt badly!

Watch the video to know how Manu Punjabi made his exit from the house!

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