Bigg Boss 10: Mona Lisa’s Boyfriend Vikrant Will Come On The Show For This Reason!- Watch Video


As earlier we reported, Mona Lisa’s boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot will appear on Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar episode. Well, Manu Punjabi and Mona are enjoying being in the limelight by getting close to each other with each passing day, and are not aware of what’s happening outside the house and that their personal life is at the stake.

In order to give a reality check, Salman Khan is getting Vikrant Singh and also Manu’s fiancé Priya on the weekend ka vaar episodes. But what is going to happen next? What will Vikrant Singh do on the show? Will he fight with Manu and Mona both? We have all the answers for everything,

In an interview with a leading portal, Vikrant Singh revealed that he wants to appear on the show in order to clear some things as Mona Lisa does not know how her closeness with Manu is seen outside the house. He wants Manu and Mona to watch their behaviour inside the house and stop that right away. Vikrant also added saying that he wants to talk to Mona Lisa as her fiance and not as a boyfriend. He also wants to make her realise that she is connected to her as well as his family also.

Well, it remains to see if the two come on the show,Manu and Mona will break emotionally or there will be some fireworks in the house.