Bigg Boss 10: OMG! Manveer’s Head Tears And Bleeds, Housemates Panic!


After much of discussion and arguments, Bigg Boss 10 contestants Manveer and Gaurav stand for the captaincy task. In tomorrow’s episode of Bigg Boss, you will see another captaincy fight between Gaurav and Manveer. Bigg Boss announces captaincy task in which Manveer and Gaurav had to create a portrait on a big canvas. The two contenders were given paint buckets for their task and also instructions were given by Bigg Boss that the two can spoil each other’s portrait in order to become the captain.

While Manveer gets too aggressive in the task, Gaurav Chopra does his task calmly. But what happened next is quite shocking, which shook the whole house. CLICK NEXT TO READ