Bigg Boss 10: The Real Reason Why Rahul Dev Was EVICTED And Not Nitibha Kaul!


We are still not aware if Bigg Boss 10 is scripted or no, but recently lots of things have happened on the show that has left viewers as well as us in doubt about the same. In the 9th weekend, Bigg Boss 10 house witnessed Rahul Dev’s eviction, which was quite shocking for everyone as nobody expected him to be out the show this early. No doubt that Rahul Dev was playing an uninteresting game inside the house but considering the popularity in comparison to other nominated contestants, Rahul Dev deserved to be on the show.

Don’t you think Rahul Dev was more popular than Nitibha Kaul, who was also nominated for the eviction? Besides Rahul Dev, Nitibha Kaul was also another contestant who falls in the category of “boring” personality. But why not her?